Parks and Open Space

Key to this redevelopment plan is an exceptional park system with a diverse array of urban public spaces that are integrated with new neighborhood development and provide a connection with the ecological and experiential qualities of the Bay. Over 300 acres of the islands will be devoted to parklands, wetlands, recreational sites, trails, and the native habitat.

Parks and Open Space                 

Highlights of the Parks and Open Space Plan:


With nearly 300 acres of new parks and habitat areas, Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands are positioned to become an iconic regional destination for Bay Area residents and visitors. The network of parks and open spaces will be both culturally and environmentally rich for all types of recreational activities.


A continuous waterfront will link together a set of distinct and varied open spaces found along the waterfront and will be an integral portion of the Bay Trail that will link theislands’ open spaces to the vast network of parks in the East Bay.

Cityside park rendering

Sports Park

The Sports Park will be the islands’ active recreation hub and able to accommodate all types of field sports for a variety of ages and recreational levels. Sports fields will be geared towards open lawn sports and recreation activities.

Urban Agricultural Park

A 20 - 25 acre organic farm will provide opportunities to grow a variety of cash crops including; fruits, vegetables, nursery plants and other permaculture products. Programming of the farm is biased towards production but a portion of the farm will be dedicated and open to community farming groups and community gardens.

Yerba Buena Hilltop Park and Habitat Management

An approximately 5 acre Hilltop Park will provide a variety of passive recreational spaces and fantastic overlooks with views to Treasure Island, San Francisco, and the Bay. The plan also features protection of existing ecologically rich habitats and the increased habitat management of degraded areas that will transform the island into an ecologically rich habitat area located in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

View the Yerba Buena Island Habitat Management Plan (PDF)

View the TIDA Tree Removal Procedures document (PDF)

Shoreline Park