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Clipper Cove Site 27 Work Begins July 9th

Beginning July 9th through November 4, 2013 the United States Navy will be conducting surveys and dredging in the area identified as Installation Restoration (IR) Site 27, located within Clipper Cove.  The actions taken will consist of sediment dredging in the near-shore area adjacent to Treasure Island, barge transportation, turbidity monitoring and backfilling.  This work will generally take place weekdays between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  Please click here for a PDF site map for the IR Site 27 project.

Impacts are expected to the easternmost set of slips at Treasure Isle Marina at three seperate points throughout the project.  Navigation into, around and out of Clipper Cove by recreational vessels will not be impacted the project.  At this time recreational vessel anchorages in Clipper Cove, as governed by the Clipper Cove Anchorage Permit Policies and Procedures and San Francisco Police Code Section 1.1, are not expected to be affected or limited.

Members of the Island and recreational boating communities may direct questions and inquiries regarding the Site 27 project to:

Mr. Keith Foreman
U.S. Navy Base Environmental Coordinator
Phone: 619-532-0913

TIDA and the US Navy remind all boaters navigate safely at all times within Clipper Cove, and to keep a safe distance from work areas in Clipper Cove during this IR Site 27 project.

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